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These artworks explore the impact of violence and manipulation. I question the possibilities of freedom of the individual within society.





Category: Sound/performance


"Invisible” is located in the a completely dark space where a performer wearing infrared glasses is enabled to practice a sequences of Kung fu moves among the audience. The audience is invited to enter by small groups at a time. The performance is creating a sound ambiance (partly pre recorded) that is enhancing and dislocating the performer. The project is reflect upon the hidden control, monitoring and mental/psychological aspects of violence in our society by creating an unsettling environment. Although the aim of Kung fu is to harmonize the body and mind the artist aims to restore the public awareness and control of their own bodies by bringing the attention away from the visible and onto the physical and emotional experience of the presence in the space. 

The project was shown for the first time at the Contemporary Art Museum of Oulu in Finland (2016) and at "Mad House", the house for performance and live art in Helsinki (2017).




 Reactions by the finnish audience at the Museum of Oulu:

 "Totaalinen pimeys on hämmentävää, eikä uskalla liikua."

"Jotenkin tuli mieleeni Uhrilampaat elokuvan kellarikohtaus, jossa päähenkilö poliisi klukee pimeässä ja uhka on hyvin läsnä."

"Vallankäyttö ja uhkaava tunnelma aiheuttivat pelkoa, joka rajoitti liikkumista"

"Kokemus maailman pahuudesta"

"Jotenkin eläimellinen tunne ympärillä pyörivästä hahmosta. Vaikutus teoksesta ihan fyysinen laittoi veren kiertämään kehossa"





Category: Sound/ interactive installation


In this interactive installation infrared sensors emit invisible light, detects movements of the audience. The pinapple insults and make death threats to the audience. The installation was exhibited in french and finnish at the Mänttä Art Festival in Finalnd (2015) and in Strasbourg in France at the Art center Syndicat Potentiel (2010):


Christelle Mas Artiste Plasticienne